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  4730 S. National Ave. #A1
    Springfield, MO 65810

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Carving its way through the Missouri Ozark Mountains is the spring fed and crystal clear, North Fork River.  In 1992 my brother and I took our father, Jerry Sr., to the North Fork for his first float trip.  The “float trip” became an annual ritual for “Senior” and five others.  Over the years, we have enjoyed the timeless beauty of the river, the thrill of jumping into Rainbow Spring and shooting the rapids, and the great times spent with family and friends.  The float trip has included many other rituals such as, Senior insisting on a red canoe, frosty beverages, fireworks, grilling of fine steaks a/k/a “the good meat”, and a gallon of the “float trip pickles”.


The sweet and spicy “float trip pickles” are the cornerstone of every float trip meal.   The pickles and jalapeños are eaten plain, as a topping on lettuce salad, on sandwiches, and with steaks and burgers.  The jalapeños are also chopped and put in baked beans, corn, and scrambled eggs with sausage.  In the early years, the “float trip pickles” were made only once a year for the float trip, similar to cooking a turkey only at Thanksgiving.  However, as family and friends had occasion to try the “float trip pickles”, requests were received to produce them more frequently.


The sweet and spicy “float trip pickles” combine the crunch of a dill slice, the savory taste ofGrandma’s homemade sweet pickles, and the sassy heat of jalapeños.  “Float trip pickles” are now regularly enjoyed by friends and family at home, picnics, tailgating parties, BBQ events, and float trips, of course.  Our fans tell us they love “Float Trip Pickles” with burgers, brats, BBQ, sandwiches, salads, nachos and more.  Try them also in a Martini or Bloody Mary.  When made into a relish, the sweet zest brings hot dogs, brats, salads and coleslaw to life.  Don’t wait for an annual float trip to enjoy “Float Trip Pickles”, enjoy them today!